About the Service :

1. Who may avail of the service?

  • Citizens within the municipality  and of legal age

2. Requirements:

  • Photocopy of any valid ID or community tax certificate for the current year
  • Application fees and materials
  • Authorization letter to tap or traverse his/her service lines as needed

3. Fees & charges:

Registration Fee P50.00
Inspection Fee P50.00
Tapping Fee P100.00
Road Crossing Fee P250.00
Guarantee Deposit P700.00
 Sub-Total P1,150.00
 Add : Bill of materials
( to be paid after site inspection & assessment)

4. Service availability:

  • Mondays – Fridays  – 8:00 am  to   5:00 pm
  • Saturdays  –  8:00 am   to 12:00 nn

How to avail of the service

Applicant/ClientService ProviderDurationPerson-in-charge
> Step IInquire from the “Public Assistance and Complaints Desk (PACD)” Officer on how to avail of the water service connection and installation.Provide a short briefing on the service applied for and the requirements needed including the rules and regulations of the water district. min.Public Assistance and Complaints Desk (PACD) Officer
> Step IIPays to the Cashier A the inspection feeAccepts the payment of inspection and issues official receipt10 min.Cashier A
> Step IIIReturns to the “Public Assistance and Complaints Desk” Officer to know the schedule for site/service inspection and the requirements to be submitted upon applicationInform the applicant on the scheduled date of site inspection, details and amount of application fees and the requirements/documents to be submitted upon application.5 min.PACD Officer
Prepares job/ maintenance order for site inspection.5 min.PACD Officer
Inspects service location and furnish the applicant with the list of materials needed.One day after paying the inspection feeWater/Sewerage Maintenance Foreman
> Step IVAfter site inspection, returns to the “PACD” Officer, present the list of materials and photocopies of the  required documents for assessment and validationComputes the cost of materials to be purchased at the office together with the application fees.15 minProperty/Supply Assistant B 
Prepares Requisition Slip for the materials to be purchased5 – 10 minProperty/Supply Assistant B
Submits photocopies of required documents for validation5 minPACD Officer
> Step VPays to the Cashier A the bill of materials together with the application feesAccepts the payment and issue official receipt5-10 minCashier A
> Step VIPresent the official receipt to the Presents the official receipt to the PACD Officer and provides other required data necessary in the accomplishment of the Application and Contract for Water Service.Encode the necessary data and accomplish the application contract ready for the applicant’s review and signature.10-15 min.PACD Officer
Explains to  the applicant the rules and regulations of the Binmaley Water District stated in the Application & Contract for Water Service10-15 minPACD Officer
Schedules when to install the service5 minPACD Officer
> Step VIIWitness the installation of water connection and acknowledge the Memorandum Receipt for Water Meter.Installs the water service connection.3 – 4 hoursSenior Water/Sew. Maint. Man & Utility Worker

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