About the Service :

1. Who may avail of the service?

  • Registered concessionaire of the Binmaley Water District

2. Requirements:

  • Personal request of the registered concessionaire or any of his/her authorized representative

3. Fees & charges:

Transfer FeeP150.00
Inspection FeeP50.00
Tapping Fee (for relocation of service line)
Cost of materials (to be paid after site inspection & assessment)

4. Service availability:

  • Mondays – Fridays  – 8:00 am to 5:00 pm
  • Saturdays – 8:00 am to 12:00 nn

How to avail of the service:

Applicant/ClientService ProviderDurationPerson-in-charge
> Step IMake a request from the “Customer Service Desk” on what services to be attended to.Prepares the service request and requires the concessionaire to pay the necessary fees.10-15 min.Public Assistance and Complaints Desk (PACD) Officer
> Step IIPay to the Cashier A the required fees and charges. Secure an official receipt.Receives the payment and issue official receipt.5-10 min.Cashier A

Customer Service Desk Officer

Records the request in the logbook and prepares job order for site inspection.5 minPACD Officer
> Step IIIAssists the employee assigned for the site inspection and get the list of materials if there are any.Inspects the site and lists down  all the materials necessary (if there are any) for the job order requested20-30 min.Water/Sewerage Maintenance Foreman
> Step IV


Returns to the PACD Officer for the assessment and payment of materials billed. Secure an official receipt.Receives the payment for the materials billed and issues official receipt.5-10 min.Cashier A
> Step IVWitnesses the transfer/relocation of  water meter or service line and acknowledge the maintenance order.Transfer/relocate water meter or service lines.3-4 hoursSenior Water/Sew. Maintenance Man & Utility Worker